​Kick-off is Saturday, January 6th. This is when the students will learn the 2018 game.

Some team members will be at the Lake Michigan College event hosted by FIRST. Here they will watch presentations from other robotics teams, businesses, and FIRST volunteers. They will be able to watch the game reveal Live and ask questions to clarify any rules. They will also be able to see the playing field set up.

​Other members will be watching the live stream from the middle school. They will immediately break down the point system and begin to strategize for the game. They will then begin to come up with design concepts and prototypes. They will also look into buying parts.

​​Project Week

Project week is a tradition for the Iron Giants. This took place the week before winter break. Students are put in groups and have to fund, design, build, and present their project. This is useful as team members are able to witness first hand the processes used during build season. It also causes different sub-teams to get out of their comfort zones and experience other parts of the build process.

This year, students were tasked with building a rotor egg drop. They were given a list of possible supplies, restrictions, and point values. They then had to create a strategy to get the most points. They used this strategy to create their design. Once finished they created their marketing strategy. They took this to the 'businesses' and were awarded bot bucks based on their presentation. They may have had to alter their design based on their budget. Teams were then able to buy materials and begin to build. Once they were done building, they were provided time to test their prototype. On the last day, each group gave a presentation explaining what they learned. We then tested the prototypes. The judges added up all of the points and determined the winners.  



Since October, students have been meeting once a week to learn skills needed for the upcoming season. During this time they were able to explore the different areas of robotics (design, marketing, programming, build) and discover their interests. Students also worked together to fundraise for their upcoming season.

​​Build season consists of the hectic 6 weeks teams are allowed to design, build, and program their robot.

​Competition Season

This is when the team will travel and compete against other teams in the state.

​Build Season