The 2017 game is called Steamworks.

The objective of this game is score fuel points into the boilers. You also need to be able to collect and transport gears to the towers in order for your ship to fly. There is a human player in the tower who collects the gears and spins them, allowing the rotors to spin. In the end of the game, you must climb onto the ship by grabbing a rope and raising up off the ground.

We are currently in competition season! At our St. Joeseph competition, we ranked 29th but were not selected for a final alliance. At East Kentwood, we were 31st and were selected for the first alliance! We ended up winning the competition and also received two awards: Industrial Design & Industrial Safety Award.

Additionally, we also qualified for the Michigan State Competition. At the competition, we were ranked 27th out of the 40 teams in the Dow Division. We also won the Judge's Award! Sadly, though, we did not qualify for the World Competition.

For information about games from previous years, please visit our History page.