FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) is the FIRST program that The Iron Giants Robotics Team is a part of. This program is the most complex format of FIRST programs, and is open to students grades 9 through 12.

Every year, a new game is revealed. FRC teams have 6 weeks to design, build, and program robots for the new game. This year's game is FIRST Steamworks. Details about this game can be found here.

FIRST inspires today’s youth to pursue STEM educations and careers (Science, Math, Engineering, and Technology) through engagement in fun, but rigorous, programs and activities. FIRST strives to create the leaders of tomorrow.

The founder of FIRST is Dean Kamen, an inventor, entrepreneur, and advocate for the emphasis of STEM in young people. His passion and determination has transformed FIRST into the leading not-for-profit STEM engagement program for kids and teenagers worldwide.

Our team had the privilege of meeting FIRST founder (Dean Kamen) and FIRST president (Don Bossi).