2017 Competition Season

On memorial day, we built a float to participate in the parade! Afterwords, we set up a tent where people could participate in an angry birds themed game we designed using our 2016 Stronghold robot Bam-Bam! It was a great success and we all had a lot of fun doing it!

During this competition season we won first place at the regional competition. We qualified and competed at the State competition. We were awarded the Industrial Safety award, Innovative Design award, and the Judges award.

On September 4th, 2016 we held a bowling event so that the new members of our team could meet our experienced team members. It was lots of fun for everyone!

2016 competition season

Memorial Parade

Bowling Event


Thanks to the school, we were allowed to have a room for us to use almost exclusively! Our new room is very nice and we thank the school graciously for this opportunity to have our own room!

From Monday, June 20th through Friday, June 24th 2016, some our students went to SMC to learn more about Robotics and how each different sub-team works. On Friday, they got to teach kids grade 4-6 about STEM and they got to have hands-on experience with the robots that not only our team built, but the robots that 4325 Cassopolis Roborangers and 5182 Dowagiac Chieftainators built!

New room


Getting ready for Build Season has been quite eventful! We organized a project week so that our new students could get ready for the real thing! All of our time was spent teaching our students what they need to learn about CAD, LABView, Marketing, and Media! We are very excited for the upcoming build season.

During the 2016 competition season, we were able to win our first Regional Competition! We had lots of fun this year, and we hope to have another great competition season next year!