​1.     Don’t just build a robot, BUILD A TEAM.

2.     Focus on building skills, and winning will follow

3.     KISS (Keep It Simple Students) - Keep your design simple.

4.     Start teaching and training your students at the beginning of the school year.

5.     Building the robot in CAD first speeds up and simplifies the actual building process.

6.     Plan, Plan and then follow your plan. 

7.     Get comfortable making connections and talking to businesses.

8.     Don't be afraid to ask other teams for help during build and competition seasons.

9.     Try to get as much driving practice as possible.

10.     Publicize as much about your team as possible; get your name out there.

The Iron Giants now have a Rookie Support Network! If you are a rookie team and would like to join, please email us at irongiants5069@gmail.com!

Experience is an amazing teacher.

The Iron Giants have learned a great deal in our first 3 years as a FIRST robotics team. We like to share the lessons we have learned with other teams--especially with rookie teams, to help give them a jump start into building a successful program.   

As we look back at our three years, here are the main lessons we have learned: