Team History
2020 Competition- infinite recharge
past competitions
2019 Competition- Destination: Deep Space
Meet our Robot!

This robot's name is Murphy.  It can do both the hatch panel and the cargo. 

2018 Competition- Power-Up
Meet our Robot!

This robot's name is Raptor, named for its claw-like climb system. 

Meet our Robot!

This robot's name is either Bonnie

or Supernova, depending on who you ask. It was able to receive and deliver gears, pick up and shoot balls, and climb a rope. This robot also included a vision system and autonomous program. 

2017 Competition- SteamWorks
2016 competition- Stronghold
Meet our Robot!

Our robot for FIRST Stronghold is named Bamm-Bamm, after the Flinstones character. Like Bamm-Bamm, our robot relentlessly hammered into obstacles to overcome them.

Meet our Robot!
2015 Competition- SteamWorks

Our robot this year, Gunslinger, was named for its "holsters" on the side of the frame.

Meet our Robot!

Our robot, Ada, is named after Ada Lovelace, widely considered to be the world's first computer programmer.


The Iron Giant's robot stood out in competition as a result of our autonomous program and versatility.

2014 Competition- aerial assist

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